AQA-PSYA3-Eating Behaviours- Social Learning Theory.

All the information needed for information on the Social Learning Theory explanation to eating behaviours.

All information on studies into this area can be found in this quiz:

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1) Social Learning Theory and Parental Modelling.

What does the social learning theory emphasis?

How do parent's attitude to food affect their children? (3)

How may parent's attempt to encourage their child to eat healthy foods?

What does Ogden suggest?



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1) Answers

Social learning theory emphasises the impact that observing other people has on our own attitudes and behaviour.

Parental Modelling 

  • Parent's attitudes to food affect children- they control the food served in home.
  • A mother who is concerned of the health aspects of food will work harder to ensure her child maintains a balanced diet.
  • A mother is less concerned/aware- Issues such as obesity can occur.
  • Parents may try encouraging their child to eat healthy foods by offering desired foods as a reward. (Operant conditioning) This only works in the short term- it increases the desire for the reward food while decreasing the liking for the non-preferred food. 
  • Ogden- Punishing a child by denying access to a desired food increases the want for it. 

*Once the child enters school, peers become more important and can influence eating habits. *

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