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What is justice?


What is injustice?

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Justice is where human rights are observed and people treat each other without discrimination or prejudice.


Where there is no equality of provision or opportunity, and where someones actions are based on dishonest personal gain and treating with discrimination.


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What is the Imago Dei & where is it found in the Bible?

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To be made in the Imago Dei is to be made in the image of God. It is found in the Bible in Genesis, Chapter 1: 26-27.

Feuerbach came up with the idea that we project our image in order to make God in our image.


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What is the definition of a symbol?

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A symbol is "a simple representation of a much more complex reality"

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Divorce -

Who allows it?

Divorce rate?


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Protestants say no to divorce, however they normally do allow it with good grounds, however, Catholics do not agree with divorce, as it says in the vows "til death do us part"

In the UK the divorce rate is 53%,

In  Italy, the divorce rate is 12% - this is because they rely heavily upon religion, and the predominant relgion in Rome is Roman Catholic.

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Prayer - talking with God, can be en masse (in a group) in an unusual place.

Fasting - stopping eating in order to prove a point. Public/ Private.

Collections of Money - To collect money for charity or to help in order to help others.

Pressurise the Government - To refuse to do what they say without breaking the rules or doing anything illegal in order to make a point.

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What is Prejudice?


What is Discrimination?

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