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  • What is God like?
    • Christian Ideas
      • Perfect, personal, creator, loving, omnipotent (all powerful), omnipresent (in all places) omniscient (all - knowing), un - changing, infintie, sustainer, holy and judge
      • The Trinity
        • Christians believe in one God but think God has three aspects Father, Son (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit
        • The Father
          • caring like a father
          • punish his children if his children go astray
        • The Son
          • God in human form
          • showed God's love dieing for our sins
        • Holy Spirit
          • Living force of God's power in the world
          • Explained by H2O ~ can be experienced in 3 ways (gas,solid and liquid) but is only 1 substance
      • Symbols and Images
        • Cross
          • A reminder to Christians that Jesus died so that people's sins can be forgiven and that Christians can be saved from death and have eternal life
        • Candle
          • Jesus called himself the 'light of the world' - Jesus spiritual light in the world / shows the good (light) getting rid of bad (dark)
        • Fish
          • ICTHUS (greek for fish) reminds Christians of the important characteristics of Jesus - Jesus, Christ, God, Son and Saviour
    • Islamic Ideas
      • Allah - Oneness of Allah 'tawhid' - not made up of parts as declared in the shahadah (declaration of faith)
      • all - powerful, all - knowing, eternal, and infinite
      • Creator of all things according to his plan
      • God cannot be fully understood so is given 99 names that Muslims believe reveal different ideas about Allah's nature. Requires submission and obedience
      • Symbols and Images
        • God cannot be fully understood so is given 99 names that Muslims believe different ideas about Allah's Nature
        • Drawing images of Allah is forbidden as it could lead to people worshiping the picture. So symbols can be helpful as gentle reminders of Allah
        • Cresent Moon and the Star
          • Used to show the Islam guides people through life just as the stars did in the desert and the also lights there way through life as the moon did
          • Symbolizes how Muslims belief in Allah will grow


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