A2 Media Revision - Case Studies

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The Matrix - Wachowski Bros


Bricolage - martil arts reference = 'Fist of Legend'

Metafiction - Alice in Wonderland = "white rabbit", picks up Baudrillards book 'Simulacra + Simulation'

Intertextuality - Neo bug removed which resembles 'Total Recall'


"The Matrix as a cinematic portrayal of Baudrillard's notion of postmodern simulation as a controlling force, keeping the masses enslaved." Mcdougall 

-matrix humans batteries to machine, baudrillard humans controlled by media 

-"the world thats been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth." - hyper reality

-"the desert of the real" - empty, no meaning -limited truth + meaning lost - no longer know what reality is 

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Tv News

Saddam Statue

-Baudrillard - media simplifies reality so not told everything. 

-simulation representing events in certain way, protects 'prefered' message of those in power (agenda of political ideology). E.g sledgehammer footage not shown as too symbolic of Iraqi strengh/power. 


Strinati - Hollywood made spectacle rather than histroical event - Slow motion of plane hitting tower - more cinematic. 

Mediated - clips chronological order, non -real event, decided key events. 

anti terrorist languge "war", "international terrorists" etc. reinforced by american flag in backgroud - victims. 

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Print News

UK Riots

Mediated event:

Selection = photo young youth - stereotypical violent 'yob'- repeated. Buckingham = stereotypes "grain of truth". 

Framing = Mcdougal - by putting a frame around a particular issue, the media draws our attention to it; but while the frame includes some things, it always excludes others. Language = "riot" vs "protest" - audience take sides due to adgenda setting of newspapers. Baudrillard + hyperreality - "yobs" suggest youth when students teachers etc also riot - truth doesnt match representation. 


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The Gorillaz

Baudrillard = Highlight how superficial music industry is - image over substance - extant cartoon can have life. Simulated band - each member represnted through cartoon rather than physical person. 

Lucy Scott Galloway = "cut up peices of established styles and genres, to create something new" - link to L&F + the matrix. 

Construction = Editing - intercutting + tracking - typical car chase. M.E.S - live action + animation - filmed in reality then edited to change the style + hyperreal. 

Genre = anime, western, action-Bruce Willis breaks 4th wall, audiece interaction - Lyotard & Ferguson = contraversial as no fixed/identifiable genre, the music is a remix. 

Narrative = episode - reference to previos single superfast jellyfish - suggests larger narrative so want to watch more to understand. Adresses american consummerism? - cop swallowed by death after doghnuts. 

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Volkswagen 'The Force' - year later 'Dog Strikes Back

Strinati = accept its fake + self referential to promote brand so no longer substance but superficial. 

Construction = Bricolage - borrowed footage, good vs evil, death star with VW logo. Intertextuality - star wars 'Imperial March' - iconic. 

Form = beyond traditional ads - series, audience have to remember (hybridity). Doesnt try to sell product, sells brand, lifestyle etc. 

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Not Postmodern

Big Brother - constructed, characters are chosen, set, staged. No such thing as live. 

Documentaries -intent is to educate, wildlife footage = raw + unscripted. 

This is England - re-enactment, not cinematic - language raw + violent, medium shots + close ups = feels real. Editing not smooth - sense of realism. Uses montage of real news/documentary footage - original real events. Represents challenges faced by 80's working class. 

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The Grand Budapest Hotel - Wes Anderson

-over exaggeration mise-en-scene creates 'simulation through composition'. 

-work's repetative - re-uses angles (platform shot, overhead shot, single shot)  colours, font (futura) + self referential. 

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Web 2.0


  • Web 1.0 = media distribute to people
  • Web 2.0 = users produce content + distribute it on social networks for others to view
  • 2.0 - creativity + participatory culture - audience create own digital environment - 'sense of self'. Sold advertising = commodity. 


"enmeshed between atoms + bits" Facebook is real life 'IRL' isn't offline. 

Identity is mediated construct - both physical and digital version of individual. 


4 stages of life use media: identity formation, integration, social contribution, reflection + storytelling. Different age groups exress different priorites. 

Internet manipulated + changed - not truth e.g easy to create person who think real through signifiers - communication, profile photos. Surface over content. 

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Filter Bubbles


  • Google search different things for different people 
  • Adverts on fb etc tailored - suit businesses demographic
  • "You don't decide what gets in, and more inportantly, you dont see what gets edited out"
  • Some control = choose who follow/friend, create own filter bubble - self mediation Baudrillard
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