For and Against Censorship

Arguments for and against censorship and what questions they should be used on

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For and Against Censorship


  • Protects moral values, films influential viewers recieve messages which they sometimes need protecting from, especially the vulneralbe
  • Helps maintain cohesion of society and stops extremists from having a powerful voice
  • People of high moral standards should be able to judge what others see
  • Desensitisation as a worrying effect of viewing too many violent or extreme images


  • Censorship imposes values of certain people
  • Assumes audience are passive
  • Supposes definite link between viewing and behaviour
  • Ignores freedom of individuals to choose and supposes that they are not capable of deciding for themselves
  • Viewer's awareness of the fictional nature of the cinema means that their responses to real life events are not impaired by film images


Use for following questions;'What are the arguments for and against specific forms of contemporary media regulation?''What are the wider social issues relating to media regulation?' - Also use NBK case studies


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