3.1 Globalisation: A process/accelerated because of rapid developments in transport, communications and businesses

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Deepening global connections/interdependence/flows

  • Original: HIC'S (invest+manufacture)/ LIC'S  (produce raw materials)
  • Modern: Manufacturing shifted to poorer countries/ Not just about commodities people etc
  • Communication has reduced time it takes to trade/communicate
  • Months by ship/horse -- Days by rail or telegraph -- Hours by plane -- Seconds by click
  • = Time space compression and led to shrinking world
  • Overseas investors/manufacturers also determine consumer tastes from N. America, Japan
  • China/India/SE Asia become world manufacturers
  • Processes and impacts:
  • Financial: Global capitalism spread by large TNC'S/cheap labour supplies wealthy consumers/ trillions of dollars are exchanged in payments/loans/debt/share purchases
  • Population: Finance/management/IT Skills move around world through demand/ economic migrant labour flows to higher incomes/rewards
  • Political: News Corp influence thought- owns Sky/ Sun; politicians seek support for voters/ international political organisations expanded for economic growth G8/EU/G20/trade barriers removed
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Transport development and trade in 19th century/sp


  • Average speed of horse drawn coach and ships was 10mph


  • steam trains 65mph
  • steam ships 36mph


  • aircraft 300-400mph


  • jet passenger aircraft 500-700mph


  • cyberspace information in seconds
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21st century: rapid development in ICT/ mobile com

  • mobile phones, internet, social networking, electronic banking, fibre optics lowering communication costs and contributing to time-space compression. 

  • India provides financial and IT support services for HIC'S
  • Communication and information: Lower transport costs= long distance tourism/ cheaper global phone/fibre optics allow exchanges of info by email and social media
  • Global village emerging with universal music and film/ no political boundaries
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Shrinking World

2 factors that have contributed to a shrinking world

  • Development in transport and trade
  • Rapid Development in IT and Communication
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  • A revolution of transport
  • Loading and unloading is faster using standardized boxes
  • These boxes can be moved between ship/train/lorry
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Time Space Compression

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Causes of Globalisation

  • Globalisation refers to the way people and places across the world have become closely linked together.
  • This has deepened global connections, interdependence and flows of capital, commodities, migrants and tourists.

   Globalisation has recently accelerated, creating new opportunities for businesses and people. Although inequalities are caused, globalisation has nonetheless increased the flow of ideas, goods and services, creating a unified global community. 

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