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Global Challenges 6GE02 1
Hajar Saihi

Going Global


Revision Booklet by Hajar SAIHI


2.2-Global Groupings

2.3-Global Networks


2.5-On the move

2.6-World Cities

2.7-Global challenges for the future

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Global Challenges 6GE02 2
Hajar Saihi

2.1-Globalisation Key Terms

Globalisation: Globalisation is the process in which people, their cultures money and goods can be
transferred between countries with few or no barriers

Birth Rate: The number of births per year per 1000 people

Death rate: The number of deaths per…

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Global Challenges 6GE02 3
Hajar Saihi


Define Globalisation:
Globalisation is the process in which people, their cultures money and goods can be transferred
between countries with few or no barriers.

Explain the process of Globalisation:
The process of Globalisation has said to be existed over many thousands of years.…

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Global Challenges 6GE02 4
Hajar Saihi

FDI that TINCs make in urban areas of poorer countries greatly boosts the employment opportunities
on offer, thereby attracting rural migrants.

Since Europe's industrial revolution in the 18th century many societies have experienced a fall in birth
and death rate. This is due to…

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Global Challenges 6GE02 5
Hajar Saihi

2.2 ­Global Groupings Key Terms

Development Gap: The difference in levels of economic and social well-being between the
richest and the poorest people on the planet.

GDP (Gross Domestic Product): A measure of the financial value of the goods and services
produced within a…

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Global Challenges 6GE02 6
Hajar Saihi

2.2-Global Groupings

Describe the global term of wealth and poverty:
Wealth: A large amount of money and possessions.
Poverty: A lack of wealth.
Explain, and illustrate, global economic classification:
Nations can be classified according to their overall levels of wealth.
LDCs = World's poorest…

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Global Challenges 6GE02 7
Hajar Saihi

2. Trade Blocs can contain nations of varying levels of economic development. E.G. Mexico and
the USA are both part of NAFTA- this makes sense because Mexico has cheap labour force
and USA has management and research expertise. This allows American TNCS to exploit…

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Global Challenges 6GE02 8
Hajar Saihi

Explain the role and significance of a named TNC:

Key Points:
Started in: 1919

Strategy: Diversification into new markets, becoming a one stop shop for electrical goods, toys, and
home products in addition to the transnational business of food.

Source country: Low value £3…

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Global Challenges 6GE02 9
Hajar Saihi

China GDP = $8 Trillion

USA GDP = $15 Trillion

UK GDP = $2.4 Trillion

2.3-Global Networks Key Terms

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Global Challenges 6GE02 10
Hajar Saihi

Network: Illustrations or models that shows how different places are linked together.

Core: The most developed and highly populated region of a country.

Switched On:Nations, regions or cities that are strongly connected to others through things like
services, tourism and consumption of goods.



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