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`Going Global'


Globalisation is defined as the processes by which people, their cultures, money, goods and
information can be transferred between countries with few or no barriers

Accelerating Factors
Transnational Corporations (TNCs)
Communication ­ internet, telephone
Media ­ radio, television
Transport ­ aeroplanes, container ships
International organisations ­…

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OECD (Organisation for It is a global `think tank' for 30 Sweden, Spain, Australia
Economic Co-operation and of the world's wealthiest
Development) nations
OPEC (Organisation for Established to regulate the Libya, Iran, Nigeria
Petroleum Exporting global oil market. Stabilise
Countries) prices and ensure a fair return
for the 11 member…

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External tariffs been lowered for the flower High external tariffs and subsidies for EU wheat
industry, allowing Kenya to trade with the EU. farmers mean that Kenya cannot compete and
therefore trade with the EU in industries other
than the flower industry.
This causes the flower industry to flourish and…

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from joining trade
Cultural - Hybrid products ­ - Global products
exciting new products favoured over local
emerge as TNCs adapt ones ­ traditional
their products local clothes and floods may
tastes and fashions be abandoned as result
of the influence of TNCs
Environmental - Ecosystem damage ­

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Manufactured goods and services ­ the value of world trade is now $70 billion. The figure
rises by around 10% each year.
Information ­ the internet has brought real-time communications between distant places,
allowing services to be sold, while online communities have grown in size and influence.
People ­ of…

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Cheap labour ­
minimum wage for
factory workers under
$1.50 per day
Dubai Natural Mix of workers creates
Oil ­ paid for tension ­ treated
infrastructure unequally depending
Human where they come from
Workers - large Terrible working
working population, no conditions
minimum wage

Open Door Policy ­ a policy…

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Economic 1) OPEC increased petrol Government has no
Debt prices, increasing their money to spend on
wealth healthcare and
2) OPEC banked their education ­ no
wealth in western vaccinations, medicine
banks or resources for
3) Banks used money to schools
give loans to Africa
4) Global interest doubled

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Employment Movement from Primary and secondary
manufacturing, mining industries relocated to
and farming South East Asia ­ more
(primary/secondary economically
sector) to services, productive to import
finance and media goods
Social status and aspirations Early 1900s ­ majority Average wage rose
of population was More people entered

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Volunteer work
Childcare ­ women can go to work

Impacts of Polish-UK Migration

Benefits Costs Benefits Costs
ECONOMI Remittances Highly Migrants fill Migrants fill
C (money sent educated low paid jobs jobs that
back) ­ helping people that host then working
Polish moving away…

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attitudes to

Pull Factors of Spain to Britons

Mediterranean climate - 10°C warmer
- Less rainfall
- Lower heating bills
- Healthier (less pollution)
Communications network - Cheap air fares
- Cheap international telephone rates
Lifestyle of Spanish people - Quieter and slower pace of life


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