2 Case Studies for Population Growth

Incase you need one or two case studies, this should help

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China has over 1.3 billion people living there today

In 1979, China introduced the One Child Policy

Couples who agreed to only have one child recieved benefits like:
Longer maternity leave, better housing etc.

Couples who didnt agree to it were fined!

Since then, the policy has relaxed, not it allows:

1. Another child if the first was a girl or if it had a disability
2. Another child if one or both of the parents had a disability


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Was it effective?

Yes, because it prevented 400 million births.

No, because some say it wasn't just this policy that slowed down the population rate.

Some were against the one child only policy because it goes against peoples right.

Some were tricked into having themselves sterilised, which, again went against the right of a person.

Others say it was just a harsh policy which was unfair to put forward.

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Over 240 million live in Indonesia

As Indonesia is made up of islands, there isn't an even distribution of people.
One island might have a couple of thousand people, another could have a few million.

Java, has roughly 130 million people living there
(Leading to poverty, unemployment, poor housing and services)


So, in 1960 the Transmigration Policy was created.

This involved, moving millions of people to a less crowded island, Sumatra


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Was it effective?


  • The population still isn't distributed well
  • There was still poverty around
  • The land where people moved to was already in use by native people = conflict


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China: Anti-Natalist Policy: One Child

Singapore : Pro-Natalist Policy - two or more

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