1929 Election Campaigns


Liberal Party campaign

  • 1926 LG liberal leader once more after Asquith dies at age 63
  • Liberals won 6 by-elections between 1927-29
  • LG personally donated £400,000 of own money to the party
  • John Maynard Keynes enlisted to help with the election:
  • Created a raadical progam of policies to deal with the issue of unemployment or the "intractable million". "We can Conquer Unemployment" or The Little Yellow Book
  • Book proposed massive borowwing and investment into public works -> create jobs, reduce unemployment and have multiplier effect on economy
  • But could LG be trusted after he had failed to keep to promises to build "A land fit for heroes" in the 1918-22 premiership.
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Labour election campaign 1929

  • Had already proven they were fit to govern moderately in 1924. 
  • RMD picked up on Conservative heavy handed response to General Stike.
  • Stole LG's idea of massive public spending but a bit more vague - "Labour and the Nation"
  • Aimed to reorganise the industry to create "socialist commonwealth"
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Conservative campaign

  • Ran under slogan of "Safety First"-> not very inspiring, run out of ideas
  • Campaign mainly focused on the issues with the other parties campaigns, not creating own ideas and just raising fears over a 'red scare' NEGATIVE CAMPAIGN
  • SB's gov had brought in many successful reforms (especially those of NC) but chose not to focus upon thses and instead focused the campaign on his record as a leader
  • "The Man you can trust" another slogan, meant to discredit LG
  • Main issue of this election was unemployment, therefore more of the same was NOT going to fix the issues
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