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Britain 1922-1929. Who governed Britain 1922 ­ 1929 & key events and policies of
this period?

British Governments
· 15th Nov 1922 ­ Conservative govt elected, Bonar Law PM
· 6th Dec 1923 ­ Labour minority govt elected, Ramsey MacDonald PM
· 29th Oct 1924 ­ Conservative govt elected, Stanley…

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· MacDonald's key policy was to make sure that the electorate saw the Labour party as
`fit to govern'. This would broaden the party's appeal and in the end gain them more
votes. Once this was done then a more `radical' programme of reforms could be
· The cabinet…

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· Local Authorities were given extended powers over roads, public health and for certain
areas of child welfare.
· He also reformed the local tax (or rate system)
· In 1926 the Central Electricity Board was established leading to the National Grid.
· The BBC was brought under public ownership.…


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