Summary of Baldwin's Conservative government 1924-29

sucesses of the conservative government 1924-29 

detailed section on Why Conservative lost in 1929 general election

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Summary of Baldwin's second government 192429
1925 Old Age Pension Act ­ success
In return for higher national insurance contributions, workers and wives
received a pension ­ 10s per week at age 65, widows' pensions also
1925 Unemployment Insurance
Benefit could be claimed not just for two 16week periods but indefinitely
providing the worker was `genuinely seeking work'
1925 Locarno Treaty
This guaranteed the border between France and Belgium.
Return to the Gold Standard 1925 ­ failure
The overvaluation of the pound stifled any economic recovery in the UK
unemployment rose to 11% by summer 1925 and stayed above 9% to
This was a period where world trade was reviving ­ but the UK missed it
because of the return to the gold standard.
In order to boost export competiveness, employers were forced to try to
cut costs and, since wages were their biggest cost, this led to wage cuts
which further undermined economic recovery.
The most immediate consequence was to inflame the situation in the coal
industry, helping to lead to the General Strike of 1926.
BBC ­ success
1926 BBC was set up to replace the British Broadcasting Corporation which had
since 1922 held the license for radio broadcasts in private hands. It showed
recognition by the Government of the value of public enterprise.
CEB ­ success
1926 the CEB (central electricity board) was set up ­ company that would
supply electricity via the national grid.
1927 Trade disputes Act
It aimed at making a general strike impossible by outlawing general and
sympathetic strikes and restricting strike action to certain types of
1928 Representation of the People Act
Gave votes to all women over 21
Male and female franchise now equal
Electorate increase by 7 million: is this why Labour won (more WC)?
Local Government Act 1929 success
This awarded local authorities extra duties concerning roads, public health,
maternity and childcare. Agricultural land, railways and industry were derated
(no longer had to pay tax on land.)

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Why Conservative lost in 1929 GE?
o Little work was done on formulating new policies to appeal to the
electorate.…read more


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