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Poor medical facilities 1800 per doctor.
Low paid jobs (GNP = $3750).
Adult literacy rates 55% poor education prospects.
Life expectancy 72 years.
40% Unemployed.
Pull Factors:
Excellent medical facilities 400 per doctor.
Wellpaid jobs GNP = $24,750).
Adult literacy rates 99% good education prospects.
Life expectancy 76 years.
Many jobs available for low paid workers such as Mexicans.
Impacts on the USA:
Illegal migration costs the USA millions of dollars for border patrols and prisons.
According to a study commissioned by the U.S.…read more

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India adds up to 10 lakh (100,000) people to its population every 15 days.
Contraceptive Usage:
Low female literacy levels and the lack of widespread availability of birthcontrol
methods are hampering the use of contraception in India.
Awareness of contraception is nearuniversal among married women in India.
However, the vast majority of married Indians (76% in a 2009 study) reported
significant problems in accessing a choice of contraceptive methods.
In 2009, 48.3% of married women were estimated to use a contraceptive method, i.e.…read more

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The national family planning program was launched in 1951, and was the
world's first governmental population stabilization program. By 1996, the program had
been estimated to have averted 168 million births.
Fertility Rate:
India suffers from the problem of overpopulation. Although the fertility rate (average
number of children born per woman during her lifetime) in India has been declining, it
has not reached replacement rate yet.…read more

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Only so many certificates are issued annually. If the factory meets certain targets of
population control then every worker will get a wage increase.
A couple signing a form promising to have just one child will be given bonuses at
work, receive priority for housing, a school and University place for the child and
higher pensions on retirement.
If the family then have an additional child all benefits are removed.…read more

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Henan had adopted this new adaptation Henan
followed in 2011.
Government officials and especially wealthy individuals have often been able to violate
the policy in spite of fines.
For example, between 2000 and 2005, as many as 1,968 officials in central China's
Hunan province were found to be violating the policy, according to the provincial family
planning commission.
The scheme has been all but abandoned in rural areas where policing was too
difficult.…read more

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The rest is used by authorities from: L.A, San Diageo, Phoenix,
Denver, Salt Lake City and Las Vegas.
Since the states have all had surges in their population and economic growth, they
have all started to exceed their legal share. This is mainly in California. Now, Arizona,
Nirvana and Colorado have put a squeeze California and called upon its sustainability
of the current waters supplies.
Four dams: Hoover, Davis, Parker, Imperial Dams control the water resources in the
lower basin.…read more

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Large dams such as Hoover and Glen Canyon typically release water from lower
levels of their reservoirs, resulting in stable and relatively cold yearround
temperatures in long reaches of the river. The Colorado's average temperature once
ranged from 85 °F (29 °C) at the height of summer to near freezing, 32 °F (0 °C), in
winter ­ but modern flows through the Grand Canyon, for example, rarely deviate
significantly from 46 °F (8 °C).…read more


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