Women, Children and the Family in Nazi Germany

As the title explains it covers everything from the Hitler Youth to "Lebensborn" (women as 'baby-making machines').

By my History teacher.

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Women, Children and the Family
in Nazi Germany
A huge part of Nazi Ideology
was focused on those in
society who usually got
overlooked: women and
children. The Nazis believed
that the 3rd Reich was going
to be around for thousands
of years, so it was essential
that their beliefs were
enforced from an early age.…read more

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Key Word: Volksgemeinschaft
(`National Community')
· Hitler wanted all Germans to think
of themselves as part of a national
community. People would see
themselves as `Germans' first and
· People would be so proud to belong
to a great nation that was racially
and culturally superior to other
nations that they would put the
interests of Germany before their
· Hitler's policies towards each group
(eg: women and children) were
designed to help win this loyalty.…read more

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Children ­ Education: Teachers
· The Nazis held a lot of influence over education. They
controlled what was taught and who taught it.
· To be a teacher, you had to be part of the Nazi Teacher's
Association, agreeing to teach the ideas dictated by the
Nazis. If you didn't, then you were sacked.
· 97% of teachers joined the Nazi Teacher's Association ­
why might we have to be careful of this statistic?
· There was to be no initiative or individuality among
teachers. Nor was there allowed to be any intellectual
freedom or creativity among students. You were forbidden
to ask questions.
· Obedience and discipline was key ­ teachers were strict
and physically incredibly strong.…read more

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Children ­ Education: Subjects
· Physical Education ­ 15% of school time. Unsatisfactory performance
could lead to expulsion.
· History ­ concentrated on the rise of Nazis, the injustice of the Treaty
of Versailles, the evils of Communism and the Jews, great historic
moments in German history especially from Medieval times.
· Biology ­ also called `race theory'. Pupils were taught to measure their
skulls and classify racial types. In biology they were also taught that
Aryans were superior and should not marry inferior races.
· German ­ helped to enforce national identity. Read about German
heroes, especially from WW1.
· Geography ­ taught about the lands which were once part of Germany
and the need for more living space (Lebensraum).
· Religious Studies was not compulsory.
· Girls had a different curriculum to boys ­ they studied domestic
science and eugenics (how to produce the perfect babies by selecting
ideal qualities in parents).…read more

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Children ­ Education: Timetable
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
08:00-08:45 German
08:50-09:35 Geography History Singing Geography History Singing
09:40-10:25 Race Studies Party Beliefs
10:25-11:00 Break with sports and special announcements
11:00-12:05 Domestic Science with Maths
12:10-12:55 Eugenics ­ The Science of Breeding ­ Health Biology
14:00-18:00 Sports…read more

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Children ­ Education: Schools
· Nazi organisations began to open their own
schools to fast-track those who they thought
would make particularly good Nazis.
· These were known as `Leadership Schools',
NAPOLAs and later `Adolf Hitler Schools'. They
provided a military style education but were not
particularly focused on academic achievement.
· Education for those who were not Aryan became
increasing difficult. They were ritually humiliated
and eventually were denied access to education
entirely.…read more

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