Women and the family

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  • Women and the family
    • The ideal mother in Nazi Germany
      • Non-drinker/non-smoker
      • To marry and have children
      • To beleive in the Nazi ideas - Kinder, Kuche, Kirche - children, kitchen, church
      • To stay at home and not to go work/university
      • To be sturdily built - to have children
      • To be fair haired and blue eyed (Aryan)
      • To wear traditional clothes
      • To have a natural look with long hair tied back and no make up
    • Nazi policy towards women
      • Women shouldn't work, esp those married. Some professional women lost their jobs and were replaced with men
        • Successful? - During 1933-35, the number of unemployed married women fell
      • Women shouldn't get married - Marriage Law of 1933 initiated the use of Marriage Loans to newly married couples if the woman agreed to not work
        • Successful? - The number of marriages increased
      • Women should have at least 4 children - couples were let off 1/4 of their Marriage Loan repayments for each child they had
        • Successful? - Birth rate increased. Few women had less than 2 children
      • German Women's Enterprise gave women medals for having children, ran radio classes on home based matters
        • Successful? - GWE had 6 million members, suggests that many women welcomed Nazi policies


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