Women in Nazi Germany



  • There were no restrictions on jobs
  • Use of contraception was growing
  • Birth rates were falling because of growing use of contraception and women wanted to pursue careers
  • There were over 3,000 female doctors

NAZI GERMANY, 1933-1939

  • Jobs for women were restricted
  • Women were only allowed to work until they had children
  • Nazis had traditional views of women and wanted them to primarily be mothers
  • They believed that women's place was in the home
  • Women were exposed to propaganda promoting a large family
  • Loans were offered to new brides who didn't take a job
  • Women were encouraged to stop smoking and do sport to promote fertility
  • Female civil servants were sacked
  • Women were told the ideal way to behave
  • The Honour Cross of the German Mother was awarded to women who bore lots of children

NAZI GERMANY, 1939-1945

  • The Nazis realised that women were needed desperately for work
  • All loans for women were abolished
  • There was a 'duty year' for women entering the labour market
  • Conditions for women in the workplace were poor
  • Women had to shop with ration cards
  • There were few eligible men to marry due to the war
  • Women…


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