Women in Nazi Germany

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  • Women in Nazi Germany
    • The Nazi's new what role they wanted a woman to play in Nazi Germany.
      • Women were expected to stay home and look after the family.
        • Women were expected to revolve around the three K's:
          • Church, Children, Cooking.
      • Goebbels said: "The mission of women is to be beautiful and to bring children into the world".
    • Hitler wanted a higher birth rate, so the population would grow. The Nazis even considered making it a law that families should have at least 4 children.
    • Newly wed couples got a loan of 1,000 marks
    • Unmarried women could volunteer to have a baby for an Aryan member of the **.
    • Mothers who had more than 8 children were given a gold medal.
    • Women had to dress traditionally and plain. Hair in plats, flat shoes and they were not able to wear make-up or smoke in public.


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