Women in Nazi Germany

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  • Women in Nazi Germany
    • Work
      • Women were forced from to workplace as the Nazis considered work to be a man's job
      • 1937 the duty year for women was introduced.
        • Nazis didn't like this but knew options were limited.
    • Appearance
      • Long hair and had to be tied up or plaited nicely.
      • Should have wide hips to make child birth easier
      • No make up was to be worn
      • Women were not allowed to smoke or drink in public
    • The 3 Ks
      • Children (Kinder)
        • Women were expected to have lots of children
          • 4 children was a bronze medal
          • 6 children was a silver medal
          • 8 children was a gold medal
      • Church (Kirche)
        • Women were allowed to leave the house only to buy food or attend church
      • Kitchen (Kuche)
        • Women were to stay at home to cook for their family and husband
    • Single Women
      • ** men would impregnate single women so they could "donate a baby"
      • Encouraged to marry
      • Encouraged to quit work
  • Side notes
    • Women loved Hitler because of his charisma
      • Birth rate rose by 30%


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