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The Behaviourist Approach
One assumption of the Behaviourist Approach is that behaviour can be explained in terms of operant
conditioning. Operant conditioning is the use of reinforcement and punishments. Reinforcement can
be positive reinforcement which is rewards or negative reinforcement which is escape from an
undesirable situation. The use of…

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One assumption of the behaviourist approach is that behaviour is learnt through classical conditioning
in terms of making associations between stimuli and responses. Systematic desensitisation (SD) aims
to change conditioned behaviour which causes phobias in order to create new associations to rid the
sufferer from phobias. SD does this through…

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conducted. For example, Skinner's conducted an experiment to present operant conditioning where
the independent variable was the reinforcer (food pellet) and the electric shock (punishment) and
the dependent variable was the frequency of lever pressing. This is a strength as scientific
experiments provide strong objective data rather than inferences which…

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The Behaviourist Approach assumes that all behaviour can be understood from observance and
should be understood in a scientific way through the use of clear variables.

Lab experiments such as the Bobo Doll study provide causal links as extraneous variables have been
controlled which could have otherwise influenced the results…


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