WJEC Biology 2 The Digestive system

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Biology Revision Notes:
The Digestive System
Made up from amino acids
Needed for growth
There are 20 different amino acids, therefore protein
strains are often drawn with different shapes
Protein is available from some meats, fish, egg-whites
and beans
Made up from sugar molecules, such as glucose
Used for energy from respiration and to make cellulose cell walls
Carbohydrates can be obtained from starch or sugar
Made up from 3 fatty acid molecules and one glycerol molecule
Used for energy store, insulation, buoyancy (in whales etc.) and
for waterproofing (waxy cuticle on leaves)
Can be obtained from butter/ margarine/ oil/ nuts
Food Tests:
Test for: Chemical reagent Colour Change
Glucose Benedict's Solution Blue orange/ brown
Starch Iodine Solution Red Blue/black
Protein Biuret Reagent Blue Purple/ Mauve
Lipids Ethanol and Water Mixture White
Labelling the digestive system:

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A well presented set of notes on the digestive system with clear, coloured diagrams and good use of a flow diagram to show the stages of digestion. These would be useful to use alongside a set of flashcards and a quiz to check your knowledge.

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