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Megan Nolan

Triple Biology Revision Notes:
The Circulatory System

The double circulatory system:

Most mammals, including humans have a double circulatory
system. There are two separate circulations, one to the
lungs (the pulmonary circulation) to oxygenate the blood
and the other to the organs to supply oxygen. This means

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Megan Nolan

Plasma is a pale yellow liquid which carries everything that needs transporting around the
· Red and white blood cells
· Platelets
· Water
· Food products such as glucose and amino acids (from the small intestine)
· Carbon Dioxide (from the cells to the lungs)

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Megan Nolan

the body, it has its own supply of blood fed through coronary vessels on the outside of the heart.

Path of blood through the heart-

· Deoxygenated blood enters through the vena cava into the right atrium
· It passes through the atrioventricular tricuspid valve into the right…


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