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Megan Nolan

Triple Biology Revision Notes:
Microbes make Useful Products

Advantages of using microbes:

Rapid growth
Minimal space required (because of contained growth)
Predictable products produced (under controlled conditions)
May be used together with a bi-product of another process to produce useful products (may
grow on waste materials from other…

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Megan Nolan

The production of antibiotics/ penicillin:

Penicillin is secreted by fungi, which can be grown commercially. The fungi are placed in a fermenter,
along with other nutrients, such as glucose (for respiration). The antibiotic is secreted into the
surrounding liquid and tapped off through the tube at the bottom.…




A well presented and beautifully written set of notes with useful diagrams that would be useful to any student needing to study how microbes are used to make yoghurt, bread,  antibiotics and some enzymes.

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