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Transpiration is the process whereby plants expel water. Water is absorbed by the roots
and travels in vessels up the stem called xylem tubes to the leaves. There are pores on
the leaves called stomata, surrounded by guard cells. When the plant has lots of water,
the pressure of…

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Blood Vessels

Arteries: When blood flows out of the heart it enters the arteries. Blood in
the arteries is at a high pressure. Because of this, arteries need strong walls
to withstand this pressure. They have elastic tissue in their walls which
stretch and recoil with the force.

Veins: In…

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Removal of urea: Proteins can't be stored by the body, so excess proteins (amino acids) are broken
down in the liver into fats and carbohydrates. The waste product of the breaking down process is
urea. Urea is toxic to the body so it must be expelled somehow. Urea is passed…

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each session takes up to four hours. In a dialysis machine, the person's blood flows alongside a
selectively permeable barrier, surrounded by dialysis fluid. The dialysis fluid has the same
concentration of dissolved ions and glucose as normal blood, therefore, only waste substances
diffuse across the barrier.

Pros and cons…

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Size: Some fungi can actually be seen with the naked eye, others are slightly bigger than bacteria

Examples: Penicillium and yeast.

Shape: Variable.

Reproduction: Yeast reproduces by budding.

White Blood Cells

If we have a cut on our body, then this is an easy route for any
pathogens to…


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