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Biology Revision…read more

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Cell Theory
Cells are found in all living things
They can be unicellular(one celled) or
multicellular ( many celled)
Formed from pre-existing cells during cell
Energy flow occurs within the cell
DNA passed when cell division occurs…read more

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Light Microscope- magnifies x1000
Election microscope- magnifies x500000
Elkton microscope cannot see colour or observe
living specimens
Total Magnifying power X Magnifying power
magnification = of eye lens objective lens…read more

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In the 19th Century it was shown that Microbes
cause disease and make food go bad
Different types include bacteria, fungi ,
unicellular algae and viruses
Not all diseases are caused by microbes eg
diabetes is caused by the pancreas not making
enough insulin…read more

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Can be seen under a light microscope
Found everywhere
Useful but can cause diseases like
Has a cell well but it is not made from
cellulose like a plant cell.
Nuclear material= loop of Dna Under optimum conditions- bacteria
Flagellum is not found in all
bacteria can reproduce every 20 minutes ­
multiply quickly to form a colony
3 types Reproduces asexually
Bacillicus (rods) No Mitochondria
Coccus (spheres) Often have plasmids ( additional
loops of dna found in the cytoplasm)
Spirillum (spirals)…read more

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Examples: yeast and
Can be seen by a light
Reproduce by creating
Many are multicellular
Yeast is single celled
Cell wall not made
from cellulose…read more

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