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ICT can provide…read more

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Fast repetitive processing
Fast repetitive
processing can be
used for:
· Processing data into a
· Payments online
· Gaming
· Cashing checks…read more

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Vast storage capability
· Storing lots and lots
of documents
· Store programme
· Back up the computer
data and any
documents, images
and videos
· Storing data on a
server…read more

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Search and combine data
· Researching
information on a
certain topic and
putting it in a folder
· Making it easier for
the user to find
· Putting data into a
specific folder or area
on a computer.…read more

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Improved presentation of
· Able to present videos
and music more easily
· Engages the audience
· Show more data
· You don't have to
remember a lot and
make a lot of notes
· More interactive…read more

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Improved accessibility to
information and services
· Easy for old people
· Easy for people to use
· Improves the user
· Improves the users
confidence…read more

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