Unit 2 - Section 15 - Uses of ICT systems

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  • Uses of ICT systems
    • What ICT can provide
      • Fast, repetitive processing
      • Vast storage capacity
      • Improved search facilities
      • Improved presentation of information
      • Improved accessibility of information and services
      • Improved security of data and proceses
    • Is the use of ICT systems always appropriate?
      • Limitations in what ICT systems can be used for
      • ICT systems have limitations in the information that they produce
      • How appropriate a solution is
    • Types of processing
      • Batch
        • All the data is collected together in a group before processing
          • Transaction files store jobs in queues until the computer system is ready to start processing
            • The data held on the transaction files are used to update the master file
              • e.g A payroll system
      • Interactive
        • The user reacts to prompts from the computer and it uses these prompts to process data
      • Transaction
        • Allows many users to access and update a system at apparently the same time.
          • Each transaction must be completed before the next transaction can begin
            • e.g. Booking a seat on a airplane


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