ICT Systems and Components

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ICT - Information Communication Technology (everything that handles digital information)

IT - Information Technology (only computure)

ICT Systems - A way of using ICT to complete tasks, all have Input, Processing and Output in common

             INPUT                                     PROCESSING                                OUTPUT

capturing and entering data        performing actions on dat        results produced after process

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Components of ICT - People

ICT User -  log onto system enters data, stores and distribute output

Maintance Staff - routine checks, maintain system, diagnostics, fixing malfunctions, carry out updates, security, performs backup

Design + Development Staff - invovled in the system life cycle analysis, desing and implementation, tetsing makes changes when discovering faults

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Components of ICT - Procedures

Operational - methods for transfering data

Backup + Recovery - ensuring data is kept secure and backed up

Legislation - interpretation of laws

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Components of ICT - Hardware

Phyiscal part of computures including digital circuitry

                        Main Memory (RAM)


Input ------  CPU (central processing unit)  ------ Output


                                Hard Disk

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Components of ICT - Software

Computure Programmes which provide step by step instruction to complete a task using ICT

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Components of ICT - Data

Raw material of any ICT system and is processsed by system to provide output data

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Components of ICT - Information

The results from processing data, can be the output of a computure system

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Limitations of ICT

Hardware - speed of components, functionality with existing hardware and software, robustness

Software - compatibility withe existing hardware and software, well written software

Communication - when data cannot be understood or processed computures acn become slow, bottle neck can occur when the user network doesn not have enough data handeling

Input - information or data not in the correct format for software to processed or accepted

Infelxibitlty - hardware and software can be poorly designed

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