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The Theory
Piaget believed that "a child acquires increasingly complex forms of language only when his/her
intellectual development is ready for it." Piaget influenced teaching methods up until the 1990s
because he believed that learning about relationships, such as cause and effect, was important in the
development of a…

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18-24 months
A child forms mental and symbolic thought, meaning a child starts to
remember past events and objects.
2. Preoperational Stage (2-7 years)
The child begins to substitute object with symbols.
The child is able to think about certain things such as events that aren't happening in
the present…

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Refuting the Argument
One of the main issues surrounding the cognitive theory is with proving the issue. "It is difficult to
show precise correlations between specific cognitive behaviours and linguistic features" . This is
especially true in mentally handicapped children. Piaget's theory implies that language development
is purely the…


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