Watergate Exam Question Plan

A plan we did in class last year on Watergate

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"Watergate marked a turning point in American
politics" To what extent do you agree with this view"
Turning Point Not a Turning Point
The system of political checks and It could be argued that confidence and
balances had been reestablished. It led trust in the Federal Government had been
to major attempts by Congress to hold the eroding anyway. This was due to the war
President & federal Government & the in Vietnam, the assassination of JFK, the
Intelligence agencies more accountable. Pentagon papers, the bombing of
E.g. the Federal Election Campaign Act, Cambodia etc.
the Ethics in Government Act, the Privacy
Act and the HughesRyan Amendment Act Reagan demonstrated that the Imperial
(restricted covert operations of CIA) Presidency can be revived (albeit in his
case was destroyed by the Irancontra
It led to an increased disillusionment affair)
amongst the electorate that is still still here
today (voting figures etc). Many people Importantly, American democracy & the
focused their support on new pressure political system survived. Very little has
groups rather that on the mainstream fundamentally changed and thus it can't
political parties. really be seen as a huge `turning point' in
terms of American politics.
It changed the way that the media
reported politics. Now a focus on catching Short term impact, long term very little
politicians out (e.g. Gary Hart & the impact as no revolution & government &
`Monkey Business 1988 Democratic presidency still continued.
nominee). Certainly the media can now
profoundly limit what a President can do
(Carter in Iran, Clinton & Health Care
It ended the Imperial Presidency (the
phrase coined by Arthur Schlesinger
which became a catchphrase for critics of
the growth of Presidential power)
It reenforced the suspicion of `big
government' politics
It set a precedent where by Presidents
could be brought to task for illegal &
covert actions (Presidents convicted for
same crime. No different)
In the shortterm it led to the Democrats
winning the 1974 midterm elections & the
1976 Presidential election but in the
longterm it led to a revitalised, more
conservative Republican party.

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Watergate marked a turning point in American
politics" To what extent do you agree with this view"…read more


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