Examination Technique - Part 2

As promised, here is the second part of my guide on examination technique for the Edexcel, Changing Roles of Women topic C2


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Practice Questions
Option C2 : The Changing Role of Women

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Section 2 ­ Question B
Focal Point Techniques
Try to analyse and evaluate the source using your own knowledge
24 of the 40 marks are for your knowledge, so make sure that the knowledge only
applies to the context of the question
You will be marked in two separate areas, knowledge and source evaluation
Relate your answer to the focus topic, every time you make a point
You need to show that you understand the source so analyse the key issues
surrounding it
If you…read more

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Some Questions to Try....…read more

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Cross reference between the three sources which you have been given,
using the items of similarity and differences you may have noticed in
your plan
o Give some contextual knowledge, and evaluate which source carries the
greater weight this will help your conclusion
o Demonstrate how you have come to a conclusion about the answer
using the knowledge and source evidence you have provided
o Summarize your arguments, do not repeat them…read more


Lizzie TW

Please title your revision sources properly!!! This came up under Business Studies! Perhaps try "exam technique for changing the roles of women" as the current title is so vague that its going to come up under every subject so that people waste their time sifting through useless, irrelevant documents.  

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