Exams Skills- Question (a) and (b)

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  • Exams Skills Guide
    • Question (b)
      • You need an evaluation of the sources but in context to the interpretation,
      • Revision of key issues will help you interpret the sources and identify what each is saying
        • This then allows you to group the sources into those who support the interpretation and that that don't,
      • Ensure the question is source led- Look at the source and what it says and evaluate this by considering the nature of the source and your own knowledge,
      • Offer a clear judgement on the key issue in question which should follow logically from what you have said about the sources,
      • Ensure you deal with the debate during the planning to ensure you have a clear view about the sources by the end,
      • Tyr to use contextual data and apply it to the sources despite specific details mentioned in the sources you don't know,
      • Key Skills
        • Show you know hat the issue discussed is,
        • Group the sources together and explain their views,
        • Strengthen and weaken to evaluate on:
          • Own Knowledge
          • Provenance
          • Cross Reference,
          • Content- Quote,
    • Question (a)
      • You need a comparison of what the sources say about a given issue,
      • You needs to ensure a comparison on provenance occurs,
        • the nature,
        • The origin,
        • The purpose
        • The audience,
      • Key comparative questions
        • When were the sources written?
          • Significant in terms of what might have happened to change the authors views,
        • What are they?
        • What is the audience and why was the source produced?
        • Is the source typical?
        • Is the source reliable?
        • How useful is the source as evidence?
          • Assess this and make a judgement about which of the sources are more useful,
          • Assess pros and cons of each source,
      • Make point by point comparisons- don't just write too much about any one source,
      • Make a brief plan to help isolate the key similarities and differences,
      • Most of the marks are for evaluation as evidence, commenting on their provenance as well as content to make a judgement on their value,


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