Warm Up & Cool Down

Revision notes on warm up and cool down for badminton. Suitable for AS Physical Education, 6 Assignments.

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Badminton Warm Up & Cool Down
Warm Up
To start my warm up I will jog around the gym which is approximately 50 metres long and
15 metres across 2 times. I will then do another lap the first half bringing my knees up at
the front and the second lap with my feet up at the back. This will get my body warmed
up and start getting more oxygen to my muscles. Also I have done some dynamic
stretches in my legs.
I would then stop and start some stretches moving from my head downwards. I
would start by turning my neck from left to right holding the stretch for 8 seconds at each
side. I would then do the same looking up and down holding the stretches for 8 seconds.
I would then move to my shoulders. As I am warming up for badminton I will need
to do a lot of stretches in my shoulders and arms. I will start by stretching my deltoids by
bringing my left arm across my chest and pull it across with my right arm. I will hold this
for 8 seconds and then change it to the right shoulder.
I will then stretch my triceps by lifting up my left arm and dropping my forearm
down my back and putting a bit of pressure on the elbow. I will again hold this for 8
seconds and change to the right hand side.
I will now go on to stretch my chest and back. I will interlink my fingers palms
outwards and put them out in front and push forwards. I will then interlink my fingers at
the back and push out my chest at the front holding both of these for 8 seconds.
I will now stretch my hips because there will be a lot of movement with the hips
when moving around the court. I will do this by placing my legs shoulder width apart and
circling my hips for 10 seconds in one direction and 10 seconds in the other.
Now I will stretch my groin by placing my legs very wide apart and bend the left
leg away and lean over to the left hand side stretching the inside of the leg. I will then
move over and stretch the right side.
Now I will stretch my hamstring by placing my left leg in front of my right leg and
lean back onto my right back. I will make sure that I do not put all my weight on the leg I
am stretching so that I don't put strain on my hamstring. I will then change legs holding
each stretch for 8 seconds.
Now I will finally stretch my calf's by taking a normal step in front with my left leg
and lean forward on the left leg making sure both feet face forwards. I will hold this for 8
seconds then change to the other leg.

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I will now move up to do some more physical warming up by having a knock up
with a partner which will get me playing badminton but not at the full level of play and not
playing with too much strain. I will knock up for 5 minutes.
I am now ready to play at full capacity.
Cool Down
For my cool down I will start by practicing net shots.…read more


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