Warm Up and Cool Down

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  • Warm Up and Cool Down
    • Warm Up
      • Why is a warm up needed to start a session?
        • increases heart rate
          • allows you to transition into your main activity smoothly
        • increase temperature of the muscles and body.
        • lowers the chance of injury
        • increases your range of movement around a joint
          • due to an increase in synovial fluids
        • allows an increase of oxygen to the muscles
        • increases the supply of blood to the heart
          • via the vascular shunt
        • allows for mental rehearsal
          • keeps you calm and therefore reduces anxiety
      • It prepares the body for exercise
      • three stages to a warm up
        • 1st stage, includes light cardiovascular exercise eg jogging
        • 2nd stage: dynamic stretching and flexibility exercises
        • 3rd stage: movement patterns which are skill related
    • Cool Down
      • Why is a cool down needed to end a session?
        • will limit the effect of DOMS
          • DELAYED ONSET OF USCLE SORENESS, which normally occurs 24 hours after exercise
        • to remove CO2
        • to decrease our muscle temperature
        • to remove lactic acid
        • increase venous return, keep the muscle pumo working so it prevents blood from pooling in the veins
      • helps to return the body to its pre exercise state more qucikly
      • involves light exercise


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