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Evaluation Question 2

How does your media product represent particular social groups?

In my film I used two teenage girls, Beth and Jasmine, aged 17. I chose to subvert the
ideology of thriller films and not use a man as the films main antagonist or protagonist
because women are often…

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I filmed in a rural location, again subverting the usual conventions of a thriller. Normally a
thriller is set in a rough, urban environment to create unease in the audience however, some
films such as Alfred Hitchcock's `The 39 Steps' use an unusual, rural location to emphasise
the isolation of…

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partly why I used younger actresses, since I wanted to represent that fact that this is a
problem mainly affecting the younger generation as they generally use social networking
sites and text messaging more than other groups in society. By not showing her face I also
wanted to suggest that…


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