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How to answer question 1:
Question 1 requires an analysis of an unseen text, for 2015 this will be print based.
Question 1 will indicate which topic/representation your exam will focus on.
It will be structured as:
1.) Analyse the two texts commenting on
Visual codes
Layout and design
Genre Conventions/Language and mode of address
Therefore to start, structure your points around the 3 bullet points, commenting on all 3.
Note down everything you can see in whatever way you find most useful. Once you have
all your points, then comment on the purpose and effect (what the purpose of using
that specific convention is and what effect it has) and then use your simple notes to
structure your essay around.
In order to gain more marks, you need to know the specific language of layout and form
for each of the main media platforms that could come up. Down below is listed the key
The masthead gives the name and date of publication. Generic and needed.
A puff is a small promotion of a product or service, helpful to know who the key
target audience is as who would be the people likely to want this product
The strapline is a short statement that sums up the story in a few words.
The headline are words in large type found at the top of the story, summarising it
The deck is the number of lines in a headline (e.g. a twodeck headline)
A banner headline is a headline that stretches across most of the front page
An exclusive is a story published by only one newspaper(commonly known as a
scoop), this makes it easier to identify the target audience, who would care about
this exclusive.
The lead is the first paragraph or two of a news story, a good tool to intrigue the
audiences attention
The caption is the headline under a photo. This can sometimes anchor the image
to a specific meaning or message and give it more context
The typography of a text (e.g. the font style, size, colour used)
The way the text has been arranged and ordered is referred to as the layout. The
most common layout convention is the ` Z'formation Mr Freear taught us.

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Emedia (Internet)
Banner ads , which often use animation to attract your attention, can be found on
most commercial websites, usually at the top of the page
Hyperlinks or links can be used to direct you to another webpage , You can also
discuss how successfully you can navigate the site which indicates the specific
target audience as the simpler the design, the older the audience
Blogs are websites updated by individuals,
Web 2.0 sites allow users to interact with the site and each other.…read more

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Choosing texts that contrast works well as it
allows you to discuss various different uses and gratifications available for different
This question will ask you to consider how specific people , groups , events, places or
concepts have been represented.…read more

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GENDER Strong female Music Videos- Females Star Theory- How certain
Protagonists- In todays are usually represented in types of people/ certain
age, strong female music videos as young, stars should play generic
protagonists are on the skinny , flirty, overly characters, e.g Robert
rise, you can mention sexualised which can be Downey Jr is expected to
many such as: Katniss extremely demoralising.…read more

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LGBT Johnny Carter Cam-Modern Family: Stonewalls research-
`Eastenders '- His LGBT is usually Gay people were only
characters story line of represented through represented in 5 hours
coming out as gay was stereotypes, a trait of this and 43 minutes out of 126
received positively, is overly dramatic, Cam is hours of TV and out of
especially as the a perfect example of this.…read more

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CLASS Steph and Dom from The Riot club- Negative Karl Marx "Marxism'-
Gogglebox- Positive representation of the Society is based around
representation of the upper class: Rude, money and capitalism,
upper class, Seen Obnoxious and better There must always be a
enjoying TV and having than others. Alistar Ryle class in charge and
fun just like other classes, character states "I'm superior
not stuck up. F*cking sick of poor
people ".…read more

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AGE Educating Joanna Lumley's
Yorkshire- Shows Woman & Home 2011 Hypodermic Needle
children working hard and front cover- Features Theory- The media is
putting in the effort to get words such as `ageless' encoded with messages
a good education and many articles on how and values that are
tools younger, demeaning constantly being injected
Skyfall and the growing old, seeing it into our minds as the
character of James negatively and ugly correct moral message.…read more

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EVENTS Events is a topic that is
better for individual
revision.…read more

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When a media text represents the world, the text is mediated in that it is
constructed, edited and represented in a particular way.
Sometimes the representation may reveal a certain view or ideological belief.
There are 3 different views that the media text can be representing an issue:
The reflective view suggests that the media is exposing the truth of the matter,
like a mirror's reflection.
The intentional view suggests the representation will have an intended meaning
(e.g.…read more

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Audiences can be classified into groups using data about age, gender, jobs etc. These
A Upper middle class
Top management, bankers, lawyers, doctors and other professionals
B Middle class
Middle management, teachers, many `creatives'e.g. graphic designers etc.
C1 Lower middle class
Office supervisors, junior managers, nurses, specialist clerical etc.…read more


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