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US Hegemony and Global Order
Rise to Hegemony
Since the end of the Cold War, the USA has commonly been referred to as an `American
empire', a `global hegemon' or a `hyperpower'. Comparisons have regularly been made
between the USA and the British Empire of the nineteenth century. However, the…

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anti-communist foreign policy. This involved the military build up against the Soviet
Union, sparking what is called the `Second Cold War'. Unlike its rivals it also invested huge
amounts in research, development and training giving the country an unchallengeable
lead in high-tech sectors of the global economy. The most significant…

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having expanded from the original 5. Some believe a kind of `new' imperialism may be the
only of bringing order to chaos.

Such analysis overlaps at significant points with neoconservatism ­ or `neo-con' ­ ideas
that had a particular impact on the Bush administration in the USA in the years…


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