Introducing global politics

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3 significant changes to the contours of world politcs
emergence of new global actors, growth of interdependence, the rise of global governance
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what is state centrism
a theory that takes the state to be the key actor in the domestic realm and on the world stage
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what is the state system
a pattern of relationships between and amongst states that establishes a measure of order and predictability
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what are the origins of the state system traced to
the treaty of westphaelia which established state sovereignty
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why has state centrism been difficult to sustain
no longer possible to treat states as the only significant actors on the world stage, pluralist advocate mixture since the 70's
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despite the emrgence of ngo's and tnc's, why does state sovereignty remain
no other influencer can rival the states coercive power
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what is the realist billiard ball theory
states are impermeable and self contained units, which influence each other through external pressure
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what does the billiard ball model neglect
teh different size and power of states, in a modern time growing interdependence threatens the model as some things are impossible to achieve on own§
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what is joseph nye's view on growing interdependence
has created a condition of "complex interdependence", in which states are drawn into cooperation and intergration by closer trading and economic relations
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what negates nye's view
not all states are interdependent, states in teh middle east which are locked in military conflict
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define globalisation
the emergence of a complex web of interconnectedness that means that our lives are increasingly shaped by events that occur, and decisions that are made, at great distance from us
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what is transnationalism
political, social economic or other forms that transcend or cut across national borders
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what events have shown the impact of transnationalism
the wide ranging impacts of the 2007-09 financial crisis, and the wider use of digital technology that enable people to communicate with one another through means that national govts have dif controlling
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in what ways are claims of a borderless absurd
greater emphasis on national security in teh aftermath of 9/11, and attempts to constrain international migration by strengthening border and other immigration controls
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why does the state system operate in anarchy
there is no higher authority then states, so they act according to their own interests, this means that states have to rely on self help
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what is the balance of power
a condition in which no state predominates over others, tending to create general equilibrium and curb the hegemonic ambitions of states
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why is the idea of international anarchy difficult to sustain
the emergence of global governance frameworks and sometimes regional governance e.g UN and the EU, these bodies are influenced by collective dilemmas
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why can international org influence not be exaggerated
strength dictated by their members
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in what 3 ways is globalisation interpreted
economic = the idea that states have been absorbed into 1 economy, cultural =the 'flattening out' of cultural differences, political = policy making responsibilities passed to international organisations
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what is hyperglobalism
portrays globalisation as a profound set of economic, cultural technological and political shifts that have intensified since the 80's. summed up by the borderless world idea
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in what ways is hyperglobalism unbalanced
overstates the extent to which policy makers have been dominated by 'irresistible' econ and tech forces. the image of the 'end of sovereignty' is a myth. global terrorism implies states are sovereign
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how do sceptics portray globalisation
a fantasy and dismissed the idea of a global economy, as the majority of econ activity still takes place within state borders
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in what ways does teh globalisation thesis have advantages over sceptics
portrayal of tendencies as inevitable and therefore irresistible, secondly shits are part of an impersonal process
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what is the transformational view of globalisation
accepts that profound changes have taken place without sweeping away the traditional features
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3 examples of transformational view
globalisation has not turned into a single worldwide system despite stretching influences, intensity of interconnectedness increased, and it has sped up through electronic money
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realist perspective on globalisation
typically sceptical, state continues to remain sovereign, and its capacity for regulation and surveillance has increased, globalisation has been made by states for states
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liberal view of globalisation
consistently positive, in economic terms it has reflected the victory of markets, also brings social benefits tho]rough free flow of info, encourages peace though liberal democracy
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marxist view on globalisation
establishment of global capital order. states lost power over economy
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feminist view on globalisation
linked it ot growing inequality
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what is positivism
the theory that social enquiry should conform to the methods of the natural sciences
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similarities between realists and liberalists
both grounded in positivism, core concern is the balance of conflict and cooperation
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differences between realism and liberalism
pessimistic view traced back to sun tzu and thucydidies
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3 bases of realist global politics
human nature is charcterised by greed, states are key global actors, survival is the goal
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3 bases of teh liberal global politics
humans are rational and moral, mixed actor models is more realistic, trade and interdependence make war less likely
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similarities between critical persepctives on the global politics model
all attempt to emphasise the role of consciousness in shaping social conduct, they oppose the dominant forces in global affairs
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neo marxist concerns
highlight inequalities in a capitalist system
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post structuralists
drawn attention to the link between power and the systems thought of using the idea of a discourse of power
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drawn attention to the systematic and pervasive structures of gender inequality that characterise global politics. theories based on masculinist assumptions about rivalry, competition and inevitable conflict
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emphasised the cultural dimension of colonial rule, western hegemony has been preserved
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highlighting the extent to which env degradation comes from industrialisaiton §§
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3 features of world affairs have proved to be of most enduring significacne
power, security, justice
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how is power been cemented with usa over time
fall of soviet union sees western hegemony preail
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what indicated that power is becoming pluralised
growing importance of non state actors, globalisation has increased the power of markets, power increase of emerging states, new tech
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how is soft power becoming as important as hard
the governments behaviour is influenced by public opinion through the spread of tech
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what is a security dilemma
describes a condition in which actions taken to improve defense may be interpreted as aggresive -. KENNETH WALTZ
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how has the security agenda in modern politics been changed
expansion of zones of peace, development of secutiy regimes
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how has national security become more imporatant
civil war, terrorism
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how is justice viewed by each school of thought
realism views it as largely irrelevant, while liberalists view morality and international justic as things that should go hand in hand
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how has globalisation impacted morality in world affaris
universal recognition of human rights leads to increasing emphasis on lgobal or cosmopolitan views
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a theory that takes the state to be the key actor in the domestic realm and on the world stage

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what is the state system


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