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· SOCIAL: Tension between different ethnic
minorities in inner city areas
· Crime rate high in inner city due to high
· Rural areas suffer from lack of investment ­
poor public transport & shops closing. Can
isolate elderly people dependant on these
· ECONOMIC: Industrial decline in inner city
leads to higher unemployment
· High levels of poverty in inner city leads to
poorer health, education and higher DRs.…read more

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· HOUSING: Most migrants occupy cheaper housing
in city areas
· In LEDCs huge rural-urban migration has caused
shanty towns on city fringes to develop
· ETHNICITY: High numbers of immigrants change the
culture of an area when they bring their customs
with them. In severe cases segregation occurs
where they live separately to `native' residents.
· AGE STRUCTURE: Rural areas have an increasing
ageing population as young people move away and
retired people move in…read more

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nd ...
· WEALTH: Increasing numbers of 2 home owners
and commuters increases wealth of rural areas,
pushing up house prices causing young people to
move away as they cant afford housing
· Young professionals moving into redeveloped areas
pushes up house prices in inner cities too
· EMPLOYMENT: Unemployment increases in cities as
more people move there than there are jobs
· SERVICES: Shops & services in rural areas decline
because residents who commute don't use them.
Shops close, bus routes stop operating etc
· Higher proportion of elderly/young in population
affects services needed.…read more


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