Unit 3.4: Religion and Community Cohesion

Basically everything you need to know about Edexcel RS Unit 3.4.  Filled with key words, key points, different attitudes, and some evidence for support

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daggerandtherose RS 2015
Religion and community cohesion
Community cohesion: a common vision and shared sense of belonging for all groups in society
Discrimination: treating people less favourably because of their ethnicity/ gender/ colour/ sexuality/
age/ class
Ethnic minority: a member of an ethnic group (race) which is much smaller than the majority group
Interfaith marriages: marriage where the husband and wife are from different religions
Multi-ethnic society: many different races and cultures living together in one society
Multi-faith society: many different religions living together in one society
Prejudice: believing some people are inferior or superior without even knowing them
Racial harmony: different races/colours living together happily
Racism: the belief that some races are superior to others
Religious freedom: the right to practice and change your religion
Religious pluralism: accepting all religions as having an equal right to coexist
Sexism: discriminating against people because of their gender

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RS 2015
3.4.1: How/Why attitudes to the roles of
men and women have changed in the UK
Attitudes to the roles of men and women have changed greatly. Women now have equal rights,
and both men and women are expected to share roles in the home. Attitudes have changed
because of the feminist movement, social and industrial changes and the effects of the world war.…read more

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RS 2015
3.4.2: Different Christian attitudes to
equal rights for women in religion
Catholics believe men and women should have equal rights, but only men can become priests
because Jesus was a man. Traditional Protestants believe only men should be religious leaders
because this is what the Bible teaches. Liberal Protestants believe men and women should have
equal rights in religion because Jesus had women disciples.…read more

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RS 2015
After his resurrection, Jesus appeared to his women disciples first.
He had women disciples who stayed with him at the cross unlike his men disciples who
abandoned him.…read more

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RS 2015
3.4.3: The nature of the UK as a multi-
ethnic society
Britain has many ethnic minorities, and so is a multi-ethnic society. Multi-ethnic societies have
many benefits, such as advancing more quickly because they have a greater variety of ideas. A
multi-ethnic society needs equal opportunities and treatment to work, so prejudice and
discrimination case major problems in such a society because they don't treat everyone equally.
The UK has always been a multi-ethnic society. In the 2001 Census, only 7.…read more

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RS 2015
Benefits of living in a Arguments against multi-ethnic societies:
multi-ethnic society:
See above Different ethnic groups living together in one society are likely to come into
conflict with each other if they disagree with each other
Multi-ethnic societies can lead to the loss of culture of the original group
(e.g. the effect of non-Cornish ethnic groups living in Cornwall has led to
the disappearance of the Cornish language)
If every ethnic group had its own country, there would be no conflict.…read more

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RS 2015
3.4.4: Government action to promote
community cohesion in the UK
The government is promoting community cohesion in the UK by passing laws against discrimination
and racism, and making community cohesion part of the National Curriculum. Community
cohesion is important because without it a multi-ethnic society would become violent and divided.
A multi-ethnic society needs to promote community cohesion in order to remove the problems of
prejudice, discrimination and racism.…read more

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RS 2015
Arguments for the importance/ Arguments against government action to promote community
need of government action: cohesion:
See reasons about why If people are forced to cooperate, it might lead to fighting and
community cohesion is important hatred of different groups.
It doesn't matter if cultural communities follow their own ideas
about society as long as they all obey British laws.
Community cohesion is not possible because the rich have
different ideas from the poor, the workers from the employers
etc.…read more

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RS 2015
3.4.5: Why Catholics should help to
promote racial harmony
Christians should promote racial harmony because of the teachings of Jesus against racism, the
teachings of St Peter and St Paul against racism, and the teachings of the Churches against racism.
Catholics should try to promote racial harmony because:
In the Parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10: 25-37), Jesus showed that races who hated
each other (as did the Jews and the Samaritans) should love each other as neighbours.…read more

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RS 2015
3.4.6: The work of the Catholic Church to help
asylum seekers and immigrant workers
The Catholic Church helps refugees and immigrant workers through a special office which tells
parishes how they can help and which deals with publicity. Parishes offer help with things such as
legal problems and English-language classes. The Church helps because of the teachings of Jesus
such as the parables of the God Samaritan and the Sheep and Goats.…read more


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