Edexcel 3.4 Religion and community cohesion (1)

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  • 3.4 Religion and community cohesion (1)
    • Why can the UK be described as a multi-faith society?
      • Several different religions are practised in the UK and everyone is free to chose their own religion
      • Religious Pluralism is accepting all religions as equal and accepting that they all have a right to coexist
      • Religious freedom is the right to practice and change your religion
      • A Multi-faith society is one in which different religions live together
      • What are the benefits of living in a multi-faith society?
        • The UK's multi-faith society has brought beautiful architecture
        • Deeper understanding of traditional customs and different ways of life
        • Broader thinking through shared religious ideas
        • Religious festivals are celebrations which unite people no matter what their religion
        • Provides opportunities to gain an extended knowledge of another person's faith
        • There is an increased tolerance between people, which builds community cohesion
    • How do Catholics help asylum seekers and immigrant workers?
      • Cardinals and bishops speak out about how Catholics should support asylum seekers, immigrants and refugees
      • St Vincent de Paul collect food and drink for the less fortunate and the asylum seekers - they offer practical help
      • Schools are doing their best to ensure that they provide language support and teaching to support children to settle in
      • The large number of Polish workers and their families have boosted Catholic Parishes all across the UK
      • The Catholic church prays for those who are being persecuted at the hands of others, as well as for those who have been forced away from their homes and families
      • Catholic schools accommodate the needs of asylum seekers
      • Why do Catholics help asylum seekers and immigrant workers?
        • Jesus and his family were refugees when they had to escape from Herod's rein and persecution
        • The good Samaritan teaches us to help those in need
        • The parable of the sheep and goats: "Whatever you did for the least of my brothers, you did it for me"
    • Why should Catholics work to promote racial harmony?
      • St Peter had a vision from God saying he treats all races as equals and accepts the worship of everyone
      • CART - Catholic association for racial justice
      • Catholic means universal
      • Parable of the good Samaritan - Jesus taught us to love out neighbours, meaning everyone; Samaritans and Jews were meant to hate one another, but Jesus showed how they can work in harmony
      • Racial harmony means different races living together in harmony
    • Ways in which religions work to promote community cohesion in the UK
      • Different religions are beginning to work together to discover similarities between the religions
      • Pope Benedict said that he has total respect for all Muslims, despite there being tensions between some Christians and Muslims
      • Some religious groups are developing ways of helping interfaith marriages - this includes developing special wedding services for mixed-faith couples
      • Because some religions insist children are brought up in their religion, leaders have signed a statement to follow set principles for religious education in schools
      • National groups such as the interfaith network promote good relations between different faiths; the Notting hill carnival is an example of this
    • Issues raised for religion by a multi-faith society
      • Interfaith marriages: often there can't be a religious wedding ceremony because both partners must be the same religion
      • Most religions teach parents that they should ensure their children are brought up into their religion; consequently many parents don't want their children to convert
      • If a multi-faith couple have children, there is a question as to which faith the children should be brought up in
      • Some people see it as their right to convert others because they believe that their religion is the only true path to God
    • Differences among Christians and their views of other religions
      • What Catholics believe
        • Inclusivism - believing that, while all religions have a right to coexist, theirs is the only true religion
        • Catholics believe that people can come to God through all religions, but Christianity has the whole truth
        • The Bible teaches that Christianity has the whole truth and that salvation comes through believing in Jesus
        • It is the teaching of the catechism
      • What Evangelical Christians believe
        • Some Evangelical protestant Christians believe that Christianity is the only way to God
        • Exclusivism: believing that there is only one true religion and everyone should belong to it
        • Jesus said that he was the only way to God and Heaven
        • They believe that converting their non-Christian neighbour is the only way to love them as it gets them to Heaven
      • What liberal protestants believe
        • Some liberal protestants believe that all religions are equal, and they all lead to God
        • They don't regard the Bible as the word of God
        • They believe that God is like a force of Gravity that can be discovered by humans in different ways
        • "There are many rooms in my father's house and I will make a place for you"
        • They believe that in Heaven there is room for absolutely everyone




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