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Physical Education ­ Unit 1
Skeleton, Muscles, Joints and
Movement…read more

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Six Body Systems
The six body systems are:-
­ The Skeletal System
­ The Muscular System
­ The Nervous System
­ The Digestive System
­ The Respiratory System
­ The Circulatory System…read more

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The Six Body Systems
Skeletal System ­ Gives shape and support to the body
and provides a protective shield around our vital organs.
It also enables movement via the joints.
Muscular System ­ Muscles are attached to the
skeleton by tendons. The muscular system moves the
body by pulling on the bones which act as a system of
Nervous System ­ The muscles are controlled by the
nervous system which co-ordinates our movement.…read more

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The Six Body Systems
Functions Continued...
Digestive System ­ For muscles to work they need
energy. This obtained from food via the digestive
Respiratory System ­ Energy from food is stored in the
muscles ready for use. It is released during exercise
allowing the muscles to work. This process needs
oxygen which is supplied by the respiratory system.
Circulatory System ­ Energy supplies and oxygen are
transported to the muscles by the circulatory system
which also takes waste products away.…read more

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The Bone
Calcium gives the bone structure and shape
End of the bone is called the Epiphysis
The type of bone that gives strength without weight is
called Cancellous Bone.
Red bone marrow produces blood.
The cavities in the Cancellous Bone tissue contain red
bone marrow.
The shaft of the bone also known as the Diaphysis, is made
of bone tissue called Compact Bone. This gives the bone
To keep the weight down this part of the bone is hollow ­
bone marrow cavity.
The outside of the bone is covered by tough skin or
membrane called the Periosteum.…read more

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The Diagram of the Bone…read more

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