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Russia notes
Reform and reaction, 18551881
The motives for the reforms of Alexander II
Threats that impacted on Nicholas I's Regime (182555) (context)
1848 European revolutions
March 1848 Conservative allies of Russia, Prussia and Austria succumbed
to studentlead revolutions (which imitated the Feb Paris one). Results
o New German national…

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restrictions on merchants and some serfs. o The ministry for internal affairs
had the group under surveillance for a
year. o In 1849, 252 were questioned, 51 exiled, and 21 underwent mock

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Serfdom and the Economy
Russia was the only country still to have serfdom, and that serfdom was in
the form mainly of privately owned serfs. As the revolutions had completely
eliminated it in 1848. One reform in the 1840s, had such stringent
requirements that of 22
million serfs, only a…

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and France invaded Crimea in September 1954, and campaigned
until the siege of Sevastopol in 18556. Some captured Russian firearms
at the Battle of Alma (1854) dated back
to 1799. Russia could only equip 4% of Russian troops with the newer
long range
percussion rifle, while for France it was…

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