2.2 essya plan

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  • the Tsarist Gov was transformed 1906-14
    • LOA- no -only appeared to have changed on the surface
    • P2- the fundamental laws
      • April 1906
        • N2 used to regain his old powers - completely undermined the changes promised by the October manifesto
          • was still incharge of defence and forgien affiars
            • stayed in the war- the people did not want this
          • N2 could dismiss the duma as much as he wanted
      • article 4 and 87= unelected state council
    • P3 frequent changing of the dumas
      • 4 dumas in 6 years
        • 1st and 2nd  was dissmissed cause it was too radical
          • tsar still had ultimate control- little change
      • change in electorate law
        • peasents only now represented by 1/5
      • 3rd and 4th lasted as they were more agreeable to the tsarist cause
        • in the 3rd duma opposition made upm less the 100 seats
    • P1 - yes
      • the fact that the dumas even exsisted was progress for many
      • dumas meant that russia was no longer fully autocratic
    • note worthy
      • Tsar could still reiy on repression tactics - eg lena gold field
      • tsar could hire and fire ministers
      • freedome of press


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