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There's been a Global Increase in Tourism over the Last 60 Years

Tourism's a growing industry ­ people are having more holidays and longer holidays because:

1) People have more spare cash than they used to, so they can afford to go on more
2) Companies give more…

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UK Tourism

Tourism makes a Big Contribution to the UK's Economy

1) There were 32 million overseas visitors to Britain in 2008.
2) The UK is popular with tourists because of its countryside, historic landmarks (Big Ben and
Stonehenge), famous churches and cathedrals (Saint Paul's Cathedral), and its castles and…

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6. Rejuvenation - investment and modernisation may occur which leads to improvements and
visitor numbers may increase again.

7. Decline - if the resort is not rejuvenated (stage 6) then it will go into decline. People lose their
jobs related to tourism. The image of the area suffers.

Mass Tourism…

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1) Improving public transport encourages tourists to use it, which reduces congestion and
2) Limiting the number of people visiting sensitive environments e.g. coral reefs reduces
3) Providing lots of bins helps to reduce litter.

The Importance of Tourism Needs to be Maintained

Areas that rely heavily on…

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4) Adventure holidays are becoming more popular due to TV programmes and advertising
5) People tend to have more paid holidays, so they have the time to go.

Tourism in Extreme Environments can be Damaging

The ecosystems in extreme environments are usually delicately balanced, because it's so difficult
for life…

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Benefits for local people:

1) People have better and more stable incomes in ecotourism than in other jobs, e.g. farming.
2) Many ecotourism schemes fund community projects, e.g. schools, water tanks and health

Ecotourism Helps the Sustainable Development of Areas

1) Sustainable development means improving the quality of life…


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