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Question 6 in the Paper…read more

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Factors affecting the recent
growth of Tourism:
Larger Incomes since the 1950s
More leisure time
Longer life expectancy ­ many retired people with time and
money to go on holidays.
Improvements in technology in transport
Being able to book online
Expansion of holiday choice through cheap package
holidays in the 1970s.…read more

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Why do people go to certain
Ecology, wildlife and environment.
Culture: places associated with interesting history, food
architecture or music.
NB: Rich countries have a balanced economy to which
tourism is one part but poor countries depend heavily on
income generated in tourism.…read more

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The Butler Model: Blackpool
Coastal Resort
Exploration, Involvement and Development
Between 1900-1950 Blackpool tourism increased due to increased
wages and train services to the coast.
Consolidation and Stagnation
Disposable incomes increased causing people to prefer cheap
package holidays abroad due to British weather.
Blackpool applied to be the home of the UK's supercasino which
would have generated 20,000 jobs and 2 billion pounds but the
bid was lost to Manchester
Failing hotels were turned into self catering holiday apartment.
The zoo and Blackpool illuminations were upgraded and a sea life
centre was built.…read more

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The importance of UK National
Parks: The Lake District
The Lake District became a national park in 1951, it has 12 million tourists
each year.
Footpath erosion large numbers of tourists remove vegetation, soil is
compacted so rain can't infiltrate and surface run off occurs causing
Large numbers of boats and walkers change lakeside hydrosere and
remove reeds and grasses causing lake side erosion
Large numbers of boats cause cumulative build ups of Diesel in lakes.
Air pollution from large numbers of cars
Congestion along the A66 and A59 because 80% travel by car or coach.
Many people by houses as second homes making buying a first homes
hard and causing highly priced items in shops and shops only directed at
tourists, e.g. Walking shops.…read more

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Solutions to the problems in the
Lake District National Park
Chicken wire, elevated duck boards and gravel protect
Paths are signposted well and alternate routes are provided
to reduce the concentration of tourists.
The speed limit is reduced to 18km/hour in Windamere and
a negative planning policy in Wastwater reduce numbers of
boats by not improving roads and not providing launch
Parking is provided outside the Lake district so people can
travel in by bus and a one way system in Ambleside
discourages drivers.
Low cost affordable housing in Grassington if you work in
the park.…read more

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