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AQA Geography
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Extreme Environments
Growth in Tourism Mass Tourism
Case Study
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Mass Tourism
UK Tourism Eco Tourism
Case Study
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Eco Tourism
UK Case Study Extreme Environments
Case Study
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There's been a GLOBAL INCREASE in Tourism Over the Last 60 Years
Tourism is a growing industry ­ people are having more holidays and longer holidays because...
· People have more disposable incomes so can afford to.
· Companies give more paid holidays so people have more free time.
· Travel is cheaper, especially air travel.
· Holiday providers use the internet to sell products directly which is cheaper.
Some areas are also becoming more popular than they used to be because...
· Improvements in transport make travel quicker and easier to get to places.
· Countries in more unusual tourist destinations have got better at marketing themselves as
tourist destinations so more people are aware of them.
· Many countries have invested in infrastructure for tourism to make them more attractive to
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Cities, Mountains, and Coasts are all Popular Tourist Areas
People are attracted to certain places for different reasons...
Cities Mountains Coasts
like London, Paris and like The Alps, Dolomites like Spain, the Caribbean and
Rome and Rockies Thailand
· Culture (Museums, Art Galleries) · Scenery (Mountains) · Activities (Swimming, Snorkelling)
· Entertainment (Bars, Theatres) · Activities (Walking, Climbing) · Scenery (Beach and Sea)
· Shopping (Shopping Centres)…read more

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Tourism is Important to the Economy of Many Countries...
· Tourism creates jobs for the local people, which helps the economy to grow
· Example: Hotels and Restaurants
· It also increases the income of other businesses that supply the tourism industry
· Example: Farms supply food to hotels, which helps the economy to grow
· Tourism is important to the economy of both rich and poor parts of the world
· Example: Tourism in France generated 35 billion Euros in 2006 and created 2 million jobs
· Poorer countries tend to be more dependent on their income from tourism than richer ones
· Example: Tourism contributes 3% of the UK's GNP but 15% of Kenya's…read more

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Tourism makes a Big Contribution to the UK Economy...
There were 32 million overseas visitors to Britain in 2008.
The UK is popular because of it's...
Historic landmarks (Big Ben, and Stonehenge)
Famous Churches and Cathedrals (Saint Paul's Cathedral)
Castles and Palaces (Edinburgh Castle, Buckingham Palace
London is particularly popular for its museums, theatres and shopping. It's destination for half of all
visitors for the UK
In 2007, tourism contributed £114 billion to the economy and employed 1.4 million people.…read more

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