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Here are all of the case studies I studied for, for my
unit 1 edexcel GCSE exam.
This PowerPoint includes case studies for each
of the sections studied for unit 1 Geography.
Out of rivers and coastal processes, I have done case
studies on coastal processes because that's the topic our
school chose to do.
And out of oceans and extreme climates, I have done
case studies on extreme climates.…read more

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Restless Earth…read more

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Sakurajima, Japan
Volcanic eruption in the developed world.
On a destructive plate margin.
Eurasian Vs Pacific plate.
Can erupt up to 200 times a year.
7000 people live near the base of the
Pyroclastic flows up to 2km long.
But the volcano is now a tourist attraction.
It joined itself to the mainland because of lava flows.
Aid included: Lava bomb shelters, scientists could accurately
predict when it was going to erupt, boreholes were dug to check
groundwater temperatures ( magma was heating up or not ), tilt
metres to detect swelling of the volcano as it fills with lava and
concrete channels were built to divert mudflows.…read more

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Mount Nyiragongo, Democratic
Republic of the Congo.
Volcanic eruption in the developing world.
Constructive plate margin.
Lava flows can cause earthquakes.
100 died from the lava and poisonous gases such as
12,000 made homeless.
300,000 fled to neighbouring
400,000 people were evacuated.
45 schools ruined.
United Nations and Oxfam set up a relief effort.
Government gave $35billion to get aid for refugees.…read more

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Kobe, Japan 1995
Earthquake in the developed world.
5000 died.
26,000 injured.
Fires broke out, resources couldn't reach people as
roads were blocked by collapsed buildings.
Soft ground made the shaking worse.
The epicentre was close to
It happened at 6:00am
people were asleep and
became confused in the dark.…read more

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