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Purpose of heart and circulation move substances around the body.

Small organisms such as unicellular creatures substances move around the
organism by diffusion.

Diffusion the random net movement of particles from an area of high
concentration to an area of low concentration through a partially permeable

Mass flow…

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sodium chloride) easily dissolve. In sodium chloride, the negative Cl ions are
attracted to the positive hydrogen part of water, and the positive Na+ ions are
attracted to the negative oxygen, separating them in an aqueous solution.

Polar molecules also dissolve easily in
water said to be hydrophilic . Nonpolar…

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Vena Cava vein that returns blood to the right atrium of the heart from the
bodydeoxygenated blood.
Pulmonary artery the artery that connects the right ventricle of the heart to
the lungs deoxygenated blood.
Pulmonary vein the vein that connects the left atrium of the heart to the
lungsoxygenated blood.…

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2. Calcium salts and fibrous tissue also build up, resulting in a hard
swelling called a plaque . This means the artery loses some of its
3. Plaques cause the lumen of the artery to become narrower, making it
more difficult for the heart to pump blood around the…


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