Tuberculosis revision-how to approach revision?

I always get questions 'how do you revise?' 

Well unfortunately for those asking this question, you, like me have the unfortunate talent of not absorbing information like a vacuum. 

We require progressive revision to remind us and this set up plan in the word document allows you to show the revision I do and the revision you could follow and use/adapt. 

It is just a suggestion.

Good luck!

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Tuberculosis revision-1 week
Use good quality revision material:
OCR AS Biology revision guide.
Cambridge book.
Comprehensive lesson notes
(c) Describe the causes and means of transmission of TB.
Tuberculosis is caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium Tuberculosis.
Airborne droplets of water. M.bovis in milk and meat from infected cattle.
*The most commonly affected organ is the lungs*
Transmission of tuberculosis

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This is spread when a person with active tuberculosis in their lungs cough or sneeze and someone else inhales the bacteria. It should
not be confused with cold and flu, as you would have to spend prolonged periods with someone who has TB.
Types of TB
Latent tuberculosis: the body is infected by the disease but doesn't cause any symptoms.
Active tuberculosis: infection will begin to cause symptoms and affect the body.…read more

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The number of new cases are fallen globally and in five out of the six WHO regions except South East Asia.
1/3 of people carry the disease but in many it is inactive.
Answers to sample questions
EXAMINER TIP: make sure you know about the methods of
transmission and how the knowledge helps us to develop methods to
control the disease.
(c) People with AIDS frequently become ill following infection with opportunistic diseases such as tuberculosis (TB).…read more

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Use bullet points, patterned notes and mind maps
Link ideas with mnemonics
Cover revision summary, write down main points
Record on a tape
Tell someone else
Questions relating to tuberculosis…read more


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