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"2o Days To
REPORT Succeed In
What would you do if you only had 20 days left to prepare and do
well for your exams? Dive straight into the books without a clear You Can Do It
direction? This report reveals a step-by-step plan you can take to…

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[20 Days To Succeeding In Exams] [2007]

Terms and Conditions

You Are Free to Distribute This Report to Your Friends

You Do Not Have the Rights to Modify the Contents of This Book
in Anyway

Disclaimer Notice


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[20 Days To Succeeding In Exams] [2007]

How This Report Came To Existence?
If you are new to the community of `SecretsofStudying.Com', let me hereby
warmly welcome you! And for those who have stuck with me for so long, I
wanted to give you something special.

First of all, `SecretsofStudying.Com'…

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[20 Days To Succeeding In Exams] [2007]

It All Started With A `Burning' Question From A Subscriber...

Hi George,

Suppose your teachers or professors suddenly announce to you that
your term exams are 20 days from now. You have totally forgotten
about it as you were having fun all the…

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[20 Days To Succeeding In Exams] [2007]

Day 1 ­ Relax and Compose Myself
The most important thing here is to stay calm. I can't afford to panic
if I want to pass my exams; I would actually go for a walk in the park
or do something to relax.…

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[20 Days To Succeeding In Exams] [2007]

There's no such thing as being smart or stupid. I've come across
people who fail all their way until the end and they still can score full

I've come across others who have failed miserably when they were
in primary school but…

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[20 Days To Succeeding In Exams] [2007]

"If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail."

Someone told me this before and it's so effective that I'm still using
it for whatever I'm doing today.

Planning is by far the most critical element in doing well for exams.

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[20 Days To Succeeding In Exams] [2007]

From here, I know that I have 18 days before my exams commence. I
would want to leave some time in case of emergencies and some
days for me to cover my stronger topics. Emergency ­ 3 days
Stronger topics -5 days


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[20 Days To Succeeding In Exams] [2007]

would only sleep if I could remember what I have learnt in the day.
(with reference to page 56 for strategies to improve memory recall)

Click Here For More Information
Advanced Memory Techniques

Day 4, 5 and 6 ­ Revision and Advancement…

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[20 Days To Succeeding In Exams] [2007]

Day 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12- Continue With My Revision...
By the end of day 12, I would finish all my 17 weaker topics.

Day 13 ­ Do Past Year Exam Papers
In order to check whether I have learnt all the…


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